1. 2010-2011            : 7 TOEFL training classes, 1 TOEIC training class for UHAMKA staff
  2. 2011-2012            : 22 TOEFL training classes, 1 TOEFL training class for non-English lecturers, 1 TESOL training class, dan 3 English Camps, and 57 local TOEFL tests.
  3. 2012-2013            : 16 TOEFL training classes dan 1 English training for Communication for UHAMKA officials, and 22 local TOEFL tests.

Positive support comes from the Director of Master Degree School who issued a policy on the TOEFL compulsory for the students. Students of non-English department must possess at least 427 TOEFL score and those from English department must possess at least 500 to submit their thesis proposal.


The Head of Mathematics study of Undergraduate level has stimulated the students to possess TOEFL score at least 450 as the qualification to join the judicial.

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